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Kate Spade Women’s Nova Flip-Flop French Navy Shiny Rubber fcZryw Kate Spade Women’s Nova Flip-Flop French Navy Shiny Rubber fcZryw Kate Spade Women’s Nova Flip-Flop French Navy Shiny Rubber fcZryw Kate Spade Women’s Nova Flip-Flop French Navy Shiny Rubber fcZryw Kate Spade Women’s Nova Flip-Flop French Navy Shiny Rubber fcZryw
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Tank Encyclopedia

FV4200 Centurion KHSKXSatin Single Shoes Autumn And Winter The Tip Of The New Light Of The Velvet Fine With The 65Cm HighHeeled WomenS Shoes Black Phillips Told 36 1YWex

United Kingdom (1966) Main battle tank – around 2,281 built

The Chieftain was a development of the legendary VECJUNIA Ladies Practice Breathable Mesh Uppers Sneakers Laceup Split Sole Dance Shoes Black X86HWOARH
, which introduced the world to the MBT concept in 1945, dominated the battlefield in the Middle East and imposed its main gun as “the” NATO standard during the Cold War. However, the fast pace of Soviet advance in ammunitions triggered a study for a new main battle tank aimed at exceeding all expectations and setting up a new reference for the Cold War. And in 1966, when it entered service, the Chieftain was, indeed, the most formidable main battle tank in the world. The Chieftain’s rifled Royal Ordnance L11A5 120 mm (4.72 in) gun was specifically tailored for it and also became the new NATO standard caliber. Its cross-country speed was better than that of the Centurion, and it could maintain it longer than the lighter Leopard I . The Chieftain also had the best protection of the time. The Chobham armor became a milestone in tank protection development.

Chieftain Mark X at Bovington Tank Museum, England

The Chieftain originated from a British Leyland design of a new tank, dating as early as 1950, when the War Office requested a replacement for the Centurion, as the Medium Tank No 2. The Centurion itself was not seen as ideal in firepower since the arrival of Soviet heavy tanks armed with 120 mm (4.72 in) guns like the and following models up to the T-10. The British Mizuno Mens Wave Rider 20 Gore Tex Running Shoe Green/Orange dfXtxBtg
(1955) tried to respond with a high velocity, long 120 mm (4.72 in) gun, but not surprisingly failed on the mobility aspect. The next tank had to have a heavier gun on a more mobile package.

Two main features had to be included, a brand new L11 120 mm (4.72 in) main gun, and protection by new thicker sloped armor, capable to sustain an impact from the new Soviet HEAT and improved AT rounds. It also had to be fitted with the new Leyland L60 engine.

For at least twenty years the “magic triangle” speed-armor-armament was not achieved as well as the Centurion had, because the new engine did not fill all expectations and the sheer weight of armor was not met by an adequate power-to-weight ratio. Although having excellent mobility, the Chieftain was the slowest of the three Cold War British MBTs. The Centurion before and especially the Ladies Ankle Strap Evening Prom Party Women Stiletto High Heel Sandal Shoes Size Black 5zpYW7neS
after, were faster.

Design of the Fv4201 started in 1958, and the first prototype was built in 1959. Six other prototypes and a pre-production series of 40 tanks followed from 1961 to 1963. It was eventually accepted for service in May 1963, officially designated the Chieftain Mark V MBT, accompanied by an order for the production of 770. In 1966 the first Mk.Is entered fully active service with the tank units.

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Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:12 pm by aragorn234

I have a large library of TV Series for the whole family. As I watch some that the other members do not, it can be difficult to remember what episode was the last watched. Adding a watched / unwatched (and reset) indicator would be great. This is a function that is available on the Apple TV. However our Apple TV is only connected to 1 of our 3 TV's .

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i second your request

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I agree with this! I wish to update your idea. Four indicators are more than one. Adding 4 color flags would be great. There are four color button (red, green, yellow and blue) on every tv remote control. These can be easily change the flags. The meaning of the flags depend on us (I watched / on my watchlist / my wife watched / our kids watched / etc...), of course these flags have to set manually each movie or episode. The little four color flags fit right side of the movie date.

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